Anyone seen the film now and then where christina ricci is a teenager and straps down her chest to appear flatter ? well that is me these days as I found a bunch of my sports crop bras when I was packing last week and I feel so much better and secured now come join me

k gonna make a post about good things so I get a positive vibe going on:

- i am volunteering at a soup kitchen all day thursday
- i fly home to adelaide thursday night
- get to see my faves west thebarton brothel party friday night
- 90’s birthday party saturday night
- i’m staying at my friend Emily’s place all weekend
- time off until wednesday?? !!
- i move in to my cute apartment tuesday !!
- i get paid tuesday !!
- dogs exist ??!

today sucked because:

- the girl that’s moving in to my room in my house did not pay her bond on time
- a medical receptionist yelled at me over the phone as our assistant at work sent some forms to the wrong address
- a solicitor told me that my company is going to be sued based on a letter signed by me
- a woman and I had an argument in 7/11 this morning as I accidentally bumped in her/she’s mental
- i had to terminate two peoples workcover claims today
- my favourite colleague is having his last day today as he is moving companies
- the client I worked for fucked me over with excess work in a one hour and a half teleconference today (that should’ve gone for thirty minutes)
- my dad and I got in a fight on the weekend and he’s still not talking to me/looking like he’s going to apologise
- my boyfriend left to go back to sydney


ya boi +:+SPUK+:+ having a meal

avant garde film

Looking back I’ve been a bit down over the last month or so, but lately things have been looking up, and today something else glorious happened and I feel really pleased to be involved and I guess I just wanted to share it on here?

l found out today that I have been given the role in my company of LGBTTIQ education and awareness trainer for the whole of Victoria! I went to a few meetings pertaining to creating a safe workplace for those who identify as LGBTTIQ in the workplace and submitted my application and now, in addition to my regular role as a case manager, I am able to take time out to travel around the state and educate the companies top dogs (and continuously educate myself too) on the variety of people that work for these executives and how best to provide a supportive and thriving environment for all! It’s super imperative that there is equality in every workplace, and I can’t wait to help promote that.