I’m on my first overnight work trip and my colleague I’m with managed to drink two bottles of wine on her own (and put it all on the company c/c??) at a really nice restaurant and embarrass us in front of all the other patrons and the owner who was serving us tonight gave her his number and I’m pretty sure she’ll be having a visit from him in her hotel room tonight and yeah wow welcome to your new job emma where your mentor gets so inebriated that you have to drive her family car (she has two young kids and a husband) back to the hotel in a town you can’t navigate through with her head out the window puffin cigs? Sick one.


Dad’s are for letting you know that mogwai are doing an AMA on reddit. Thanks, Pop.

Having a partner who lives interstate is rotten most of the time, but like, I encourage you to do it if they’re the bees knees ! mine and flins little dalliance is pretty funky fresh still and my face hurts from smiling all the time so yeah I recommend you put in some hard yakka if you get weird tummy feelings for them  ?