Burning Alms | Matadors

Not what I was expecting from Birmingham/London’s Burning Alms…

Really liking it though. For fans of post-punk and alternative rock.

For some reason, kept thinking of a few Sunny Day Real Estate tracks when listening to this - just with a bit more of an urgent edge though.

I am so ! happy ! because ! my house is clean from me taking out four hours of my day today to scrub it all - my job is extremely challenging but totally worthwhile and educating - my gross housemate is moving out and i get his large room - and my good friend is moving in who i adore so yeah ! life ! is ! good ! 

I’ve got itchy feet again and am researching travel throughout real eastern europe (albania, macedonia, bulgaria, armenia, and maybe going back to ukraine and romania) and thinking of maybe venturing into the middle east too. I thought I had escaped the travel bug !! ugh !!

There’s a beautiful girl on my tram and she’s crying and it’s really subtle but her eyes are red and wet and her lip is quavering a little and I caught her eye and smiled and she smiled a tiny smile and I hope she feels a bit better now maybe.